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Don't like any of the private label products available on the market, but also don't have an existing formulation to work with? No problem! Custom formulation is the turnkey product development services offered by FormAhead. We'll develop a product formulation and source the packaging to your exact requirements and certification needs. Stability and microbiology testing are conducted with all custom formulations to ensure a safe product is released to market.

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Fill Out The 'Contact Us' Form

The 'contact us' form asks specific information about your project and support requirements. Once received, a specialist will reach out to begin the onboarding process and will gather additional information on your custom product formulation.


Our product development specialists will reach out to onboard you as a client. During this step, product characteristic information will be discussed in detail to create a product profile used for formulation.

A client profile and portal will be created to act as a central hub for on-going communication and collaboration.

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Formulation Trials

Once a product profile is developed with our specialists, a call with one of our chemists will occur to go over product direction. Product samples will be developed and shipped to you for evaluation and feedback. Revised samples are created based on feedback.

Lead times for this step will vary based on product complexity and feedback. Generally revised samples are sent within 2 weeks.


Testing of your custom formulation is done to ensure shelf stability and microbial resistance. Stability testing of all formulations are conducted to ensure that external factors (light, temperature, etc) don't modify the form or function of the product. Products containing water go through a Preservative Efficacy Test (PET) following USP <51> standards to ensure no bacteria, or mold will grow in the product.

Additional testing may be conducted at the client's discretion based on need and certifications desired.

Typical turn around time:
PET: 4 - 5 weeks
Stability: 12 - 16 weeks

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Ready for Manufacturing

Once the custom formulation is developed and all testing is complete, we're ready to manufacture. Our specialists will quote unit pricing for manufacturing, along with connecting you with packaging vendors.

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