Contract manufacturing 101

Manufacturing of your beauty, home care or personal care products without having the process in-house involves the sourcing of a third-party manufacturer; also referred to as a compounder , toll blending service, co-packer, or contract manufacturer. Contract manufacturing is the most customizable option when it comes to producing a new or existing product as the branding, formulation, testing, packaging and kitting are all under the discretion of the brand owner. Whether you're scaling a brand that was created in your home or looking for a manufacturing partner to help take on a new or existing product, FormAhead is here to help!

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Fill Out The 'Contact Us' Form

The 'contact us' form asks specific information about your project and support requirements. Once received, a specialist will reach out to begin the onboarding process.


Our contract manufacturing specialists will reach out to onboard you as a client. During this step, formulation and packaging requirements will be collected and a proposal will be developed for on-going production and fulfillment.

A client profile and portal will be created to act as a central hub for on-going communication and collaboration.

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Component Sourcing

Once a product is finalized and a purchase order is received, production is scheduled and the required ingredients and packaging is sourced for the manufacturing run.

Lead times for this step will vary based on vendor lead times for packaging and ingredients.


Batching of the full production run is done in our cGMP compliant facility. All product is batched per the specifications of the formulation provided by the client (or developed by us). Filling and assembly into the required containers are done during this step.

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Standard testing of all production runs are conducted to ensure no contamination occurred during batching or filling. This is done per USP 61/62 standards. Additional tests can be conducted at the request of the client for an additional fee.

Storage & Fulfillment

Once the production run is complete, we'll submit an invoice and ship your order out. If we are providing turnkey storage and fulfillment services, we'll ensure your product is properly inventoried and fulfill orders using our integrated systems.

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by the numbers

4 wks*
$ 7500 / run +
500 - 1000 units

* 4 week lead time is standard once onboarded.

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